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The Job Search Affirmations You Didn't Know You Needed

Job searching is not for the faint of heart. Positive self-talk goes a long way to keep you moving forward with a can-do outlook. That mindset is half the battle to getting the job offers you want!

Confident job search
This is a job seeker who tells herself she's confident and knows it!

When you're having trouble fully committing to your job search, dealing with rejection, or seeing the light at the end of the job search tunnel, use these 8 affirmations to remind yourself that you:

  • DO bring value

  • DO have experiences that set you apart

  • DO have the ability to succeed in a new challenge

“I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggone it, people like me.” - Stuart Smalley, Daily Affirmations Sketch, SNL

You might scoff at the idea of saying affirmations out loud to yourself. That's ok, I know it can feel ridiculous. But at the very least, try saying these in your mind...and believing them. Affirmations are a very powerful tool to keep you performing as your best self and reaching that better job faster.

To help, you can download all 8 job search affirmations HERE. Once you do, cut out them out and strategically place each in high-visibility spot for your to see throughout your day.

1. I am open to new opportunities that bring me happiness in my work.

When you are open to possibilities, you start to see opportunities where previously you have seen a failure, a sub-par option, or blockage. Tying those opportunities over to the potential for happiness is key!

2. I am capable of getting the job offer I want.

Where there's a will, there's a way! Throughout the job search process, what the "job offer I want" looks like might change - whether it be because of new opportunities or a healthy dose of reality - but starting with a vision for where you want to go will keep you moving forward towards that ultimate offer.

3. I am energized and positive about my job search.

Picture the opposite: down in the dumps about my job search and convinced nothing good will come of it. That's a self-fulfilling prophecy right there!

4. I am excited to progress in my career.

Rather than fixate on anything and everything that might have gone wrong to get you to this point, shift your perspective to see the future as a new step forward, a way to grow, and a path to new experiences that allow you to progress in your career.

5. My actions generate outcomes and only I can control my actions.

This is a big one! There's going to be a lot you can't control in the job search process - hiring managers ghosting you, crappy interviewers, long periods of silence. What you can control, though, is how you respond to those situations which can give yourself a better chance at a positive response back. If you know you've done all that you can, then you can't focus on what others have or haven't done. That's completely out of your control.

6. My value and personality will shine through and attract hiring managers.

You've got to be yourself in throughout the job search. Being true to who you are and what you're all about will help you foster confidence and demonstrate the value that you bring.

Everyone's personality is unique to them and can be a huge asset. Don't bury it for what you think someone is looking for because then you will certainly end up in the wrong job. Instead, use it to your advantage to attract hiring managers for the right roles.

7. I am focused, confident, and ready for what's next.

And in moment's where you're not, take a break. Know that your job search will be waiting for you when you get back.

8. I am resourceful and have and always will come out on top.

If you want something, you're the only one that can make it happen. Look at all the angles, work with a partner to keep you accountable, and go after what you want!

When you commit and invest in yourself, you will absolutely reach that next level!

Excited by these job search affirmations? Download all 8 job search affirmations HERE. Once you do, cut out them out and strategically place each in high-visibility spot for your to see throughout your day.

If you rolled your eyes at any point while reading this post or are still feeling like the job search is just too much? Email me at for more motivation.

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