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Want to talk to a human about career or executive coaching?

So, you're thinking about what's next?

Let's catalyze your career transition!


Feeling the discomfort of misalignment, disconnection, or boredom at work? Exhausted by uncertainty or lack of traction? Ready to level up but unsure where to start? I've got you!


Through coaching and tactical know-how, I help mid-career leaders and execs shift from uninspired and overwhelmed to intentional, excited, and confident about what’s next.


Reach for what's next together – faster, easier, and even with some fun along the way!

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What you can expect with me as your coach

Customized coaching to meet your specific needs

Curated resources and best practices to use throughout your career, with or without a coach

Space for you to speak truths, judgment free, and take action with direction, accountability, and confidence

A partner to help you get out of your head, who will be there every step of the way


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As a coach, Heather not only believes in you, but she also shows you how and why to believe in yourself. She’s the best in the biz.

- Julie, Director, ex-General Assembly

I've been where you are

I built my career as an early hire in early stage startups, am a coach, marketer, and operator at heart, and am your #1 fan. Sounds good, right?

What I didn't mention is that to get here, I went through becoming a lawyer, leaving the law after 1 year, experiencing extreme burnout from growing 3 startups at all costs, achieved the coveted COO title that I no longer wanted, became a shell of a human while still trying to hold out the "Jill of all trades" persona, and ultimately shed everything I thought I knew about myself to create the future I grew to want.

And now, I'm living that future! 

Since launching Shatter & Shine and becoming a Professional Certified Coach, I've partnered with 1,000+ clients seeking to figure out what's next and how to make it happen. They've gone on to land dream jobs, found their own startups, and break into the C-Suite.

To my clients and future clients: thank you for letting me be your cheerleader, your confidante, your challenger... your coach. For letting me be part of your story.

Your #1 Fan, 


Shatter & Shine exists to help you more confidently, with less stress and loneliness, make what's next in your career happen.

You've got me on your team, one way or another

1:1 Coaching

Customized coaching for senior leaders to turn venting into action and confusion into direction.

All 1:1 coaching is specific to you and your needs. We can partner on the entire job search from ideation to offer and beyond, on-the-job issues, imposter syndrome, leveling up, and any other stressors related to your career.

Ongoing coaching (rather than signing up for one session at a time) is a mix of live sessions and async support, complete with curated resources, accountability, and preferred access to my calendar.

Tell Your Story Bundle

Partner on creating your new story to fit your future. This includes collaborating on your personal pitch, pulling your narrative into your LinkedIn profile, resume, and other collateral, and preparing for an interview.

This is for you if you know what's next. Meaning, you have a specific role or promotion in mind and want to position yourself for that. 

Heads up - I do not write your resume, LinkedIn profile, or other collateral for you. I do provide templates and curated resources to build your toolkit and work closely with you on edits.

Career Cheat Sheet

Get your weekly dose of career quips, mindset coaching, and tactical advice and gain a partner in your career transition, all from your inbox.

While this newsletter is in the works, follow me on LinkedIn for more snackable career bites. Connect with me over there too!


Heather was tremendously helpful to me at a time of career uncertainty and transition. Her insightful questions demonstrated she knew exactly what I was experiencing, and helped me arrive at greater clarity. After our sessions I felt lighter and better empowered to seek my next steps...

- Rachel, Director, ex-Bird


Resources to get you started

For Figuring Out What's Next

Designing your life.jpg

Designing Your Life

by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

For High Achievers Leveling Up

wont got you here wont get you there.jpg

What Got You Here Won't Get You There

by Marshall Goldsmith

For Negotiating...Anything

never split the difference.jpg

Never Split the Difference

by Chris Voss

Client Love

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” —Lao Tzu

Client love

I’m celebrating becoming a Chief Digital Officer. I couldn’t be happier than I am with this new phase in my career and I’m absolutely sure I wouldn’t be here if Heather hadn’t helped me with my storytelling skills.

- Marcelo, CTO, ex-Mastercard

After only a few session, Heather's coaching transformed my confidence. Not only has she helped improve my story and overall job search strategy, but she has helped me immensely to step back into my confidence which is the best outcome I could ask of any career coach. I can't wait to work together more in the future.

- Briana, Marketing VP

Here to share gratitude for Heather's incredible skill at taking executives to the next level. I worked with Heather between CEO roles and was so impressed by her ability to connect deeply right away. Her follow through, responsiveness and incredible breath of experience brought instant value to my needs. Heather is very knowledgeable when it comes to the executive landscape and what makes leaders stand out to reach the next level.

- Steve, CEO

Heather was tremendously helpful to me at a time of career uncertainty and transition. Her insightful questions demonstrated she knew exactly what I was experiencing, and helped me arrive at greater clarity. After our sessions I felt lighter and better empowered to seek my next steps, as well as armed with tools to find the best fit for me. I hadn't previously considered working with a career coach, but my experience with Heather has me recommending her far and wide!

- Rachel, Director, ex-Bird

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