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Easy Ways To Prepare Now For Your 2022 Job Search

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

You're counting the days until that end-of-year bonus hits your bank account and you can start actively applying for jobs. But are you making the most of the remainder of 2021 to set you up for a successful job search in 2022?

2022 job search
Ignore the "2015" on the calendar. We all know 2022 is around the corner - eek!

You can admit it. We've all done it. Waiting until you get that bonus you worked hard for all year before you jump ship is totally normal (and financially smart!).

As we close in on the remaining days of 2021, there are a few MUSTS you should do now to set yourself up for an easier active job search in early 2022. I included an action step for each to help keep you on track.

Get Inspired

If you're ready to look for a new job, chances are you're burnt out, feeling unappreciated, unable to grow in your current role, and/or generally over it. To enter your 2022 job search with a focused and positive mindset, use the slower pace of the holiday season to get inspired and figure out what's next.

We all get inspired in different ways. If you're a learner, take an online course or go down the rabbit hole of the internet to learn more about what other roles and companies are out there. Prefer to speak to a human? Carve out time to speak with people whose careers you admire or hop into some Clubhouse rooms to open up new possibilities beyond what you can imagine.

If you're feeling at odds with your current career path, take stock of your values and career goals to ensure your next move is a step forward. I promise you, there's a company out there that shares your values and can help you grow in your career!

ACTION: Peruse the Careers page of your favorite brands or companies to start picturing yourself in another role. Create a list of your top 5 requirements for your next role to avoid going after jobs that lead you back to the same frustrations. Keep that list close throughout your 2022 job search so you don't end up job searching again in 2023.

The goal is to use this "quiet" time to get a grip on what you want to do next. That way you can truly hit the ground running in 2022.

Start Networking

“The time to build a network is always before you need one.” - Douglas Conant, Author & Speaker

The man's got a point. Networking before you need something from someone else allows networking to be much more genuine and authentic. (Read: less awkward.) You're not out there trying to get someone to do something, rather you're coming from a place where you can reconnect with past contacts, make entirely new connections based on shared interests, and share your knowledge to help others.

ACTION: Hop on LinkedIn and message 3 past team members who you haven't spoken with recently. Ask how they've been, mention you've seen something they recently posted or shared, and share something you think they'd find interesting. This will open the door to a conversation around what you're up to and to keep in touch. If you're comfortable sharing, let them know you'll be job searching in the beginning of the year - ideally be prepared to tell them what you're looking for.

Laying this foundation will give you the ability to activate assistance with your job search when you do need it. Even more importantly, having conversations with friends and past colleagues gives you the opportunity to gain greater clarity around the roles you want to pursue AND to be considered for a job before a posting hits the public. These are the best types of roles because they are vetted for you!

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

It's time to dust off your LinkedIn profile and optimize it for your job search. Especially if you're going to be reaching out to your network to reconnect.

Taking the time to make some updates to your LinkedIn profile now will save you hours of time once you're actively job searching. At this point, you simply want to make sure your profile has the most up to date information.

The good news is that all the data you gathered to prepare for your end-of-year performance review is the exact information you can use in your LinkedIn profile.

ACTION: Update your LinkedIn profile with details around your current role, swap your old profile photo for a new and professional image if it hasn't been changed in the last 3 years, make sure your Skills list reflects the path you're on, and ask for 2 Recommendations from past team members a few weeks apart.

Once you're ready to focus in on pursuing specific roles, you'll want to take another pass at your LinkedIn profile to make sure it's geared towards these roles. For now, though, a polished landing page is a good starting point if you're still working on what's next.

By the way, don't worry about your current team seeing your updated profile. We are all allowed to update our profile at any time (and no one is spending all day staring at your profile specifically)!

Bring Your Resume Up To Present Day

Just like with LinkedIn, all those details you gathered for your year-end performance review are incredibly useful to use in updating your resume.

If you don't know exactly what job you want next, still take the time to update the more recent version of your resume to reflect all that you've done in your current role. This way your resume is ready to go in case an old contact asks you to send it over.

If you do know what job you want next, even better! Comb through your entire resume so it's as ready-to-go as possible for when you want to hit "Apply" or send it directly to an internal contact.

ACTION: Review your resume's format and content to make sure it's accurately reflecting you and putting your best foot forward. Pay particularly close attention to old language that you have carried over from job to job as it may no longer be relevant. If you know what you next move looks like, update all sections of your resume to show you clearly match the requirements for that type of role.

None of this should be stressful because you have time (and your year-end bonus) on your side! Set a reasonable timeline to prep for your 2022 job search and feel free to email me ( if you're feeling stuck.

Not sure your resume is suitable for public viewing? Upload it here and I'll send you feedback in 48 hours or less.

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