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Heather Yurovsky, Shater & Shine


Heather has a knack for connecting with clients and bringing out the best in people. As Founder of Shatter & Shine, a trusted Career Coach on The Muse and a licensed attorney, Heather's unusual career path has armed her with experience across a variety of industries, including advertising, consulting with Fortune 500 companies, consumer packaged goods, finance, hospitality, law and social impact. The common thread is that she has always served as a mentor to those around her – she understands what employers are looking for and the life stages between preparing for graduation and becoming established in the working world. This combination allows her to apply her years of hiring and business insights to listen to, collaborate with and guide those in search of their career fit. 



Students rarely give themselves enough credit for their accomplishments and talents, or they just don't know how to do it. Jessica identifies students’ strengths and helps those students put their real-life stories into words, which shine bright when it comes application review time. She also has extensive experience with graduate degree exploration and program identification.
Jessica is not only our education guru, she is also a former teen magazine columnist and social worker with clinical experience.
With this experience, Jessica asks the right questions and listens purposefully to guide students on making long-term and short-term strategic moves for scholarship offers and academic acceptances. As a graduate of the Columbia University School of Social Work and
the Tufts University Eliot Pearson Department of Child Development, Jessica is an expert on and advocate for individualized and competitive education advising. As part of Shatter & Shine, Jessica sets our students up for long-term career success and fulfillment.


Who are we? We are you.

When it comes to career stress, I can confidently say, we get it. We've been there. We've had moments of career confusion, friends boast about having the "best" job, parents tell us it's just a paycheck and our inner selves longing to be fulfilled. What matters is what we do with all the noise.

We say take it all in, shatter it and put the pieces back together to figure out what you're all about. 
Then stay true to that.

We'll help you be accountable, because when you're authentically you and make decisions from that mindset, you shine.

When you shine, you're more confident, less stressed and excited about what's ahead. 

I'm frequently asked why I went from practicing law to grinding away in start-ups to launching Shatter & Shine.
Easy: I get to be kind, honest and help others flourish. 

I get to be me.

I'm fortunate to empower my generation - from mid-career executives to start-up founders - to feel good
about how they work. To help them feel connected and fulfilled. I get to make a difference in people's lives!

Thank you for letting me be your cheerleader, your sounding board, your confidante...your coach.
For letting me do what I love.  

Heather Yurovsky


Morgan K.
Los Angeles

It had been a while since my last
interview and I wasn't very comfortable selling myself until I spoke with Heather.
She is a fantastic listener, getting me right away, and brought unique insights
about what employers are looking for. She worked with me to fine tune what
I bring to a job and reminded me how important it is to be confident
throughout the entire process.
Not only did my interview prep time with
her lead to rocking my interview and
getting the job, but I also found myself becoming more confident overall.
I recommend her to all my friends.
Stephanie B.

Shatter & Shine is amazing, relatable and professional! Their direct communication style during our Career Q&A's made it
so easy for me to apply their tips and feedback. I can’t wait to work with them more and see how else they can help
my personal and career growth.
Corey K.
New york city

Heather has been beyond helpful in
helping me get my career and mindset in a better place. By collaborating on how to
best update my resume and making sense
of my past experiences, she has made
me more optimistic and confident about
all phases of my future.
keep me updated on ways to MAKE WHAT'S NEXT HAPPEN!

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