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Our goal is to raise workplace fulfillment and efficiency, 
ultimately helping you achieve the bottom line. 
We integrate ourselves into your company culture as a trusted
resource for a variety of groups, from new hires to the C-Suite.
Our work centers around understanding high-potential Millennial and Gen Z team members' perceptions of company culture. We advise them on how to lead, engage
and become more connected to their work, while providing you with
operational and cultural recommendations to facilitate their - and ultimately
your organizations' - enhanced performance.



We are here to turn venting into action and confusion into direction, answering all your career questions.

Every so often or on the regular, we are flexible to your schedule and needs.
Think of us as somewhere between your parent, best friend and college counselor for:
Career Exploration
Job Search Strategy
Interview Prep
Cover Letter Review
Reference Help
Confidence Building 
At-Work Guidance
We're here for real talk - we lay out options, discuss the pros and cons and devise
an action plan that
works for you.



Start to finish personalized "why" discovery, strength exploration, resume conception, social media edits and interview prep.
It all starts with us collaborating to understand what you're all about. Who are you? What makes you tick? What are your strengths? This comes together to create your personal story - your
Career Narrative.
We put pen to paper to tell your Narrative in ways that get you noticed by hiring managers. 
Last, we practice one on one. You will become comfortable and confident in what you're saying, leaving the lasting impression you want.



Conception to execution of a resume that reflects your value and gets hiring managers' attention.

Have you seen knock-your-socks-off resumes? Well, we have. And you need one.
This one document has to say everything a hiring manager needs to know about you in a 10-second or less glance.
The look, your experience.
It all matters. But it has to matter in a way that's important to your future employer. 
We get that and make sure resume reflects that. Plus, you'll learn best practices to use in the future on our own.
Ever want to show off your resume to friends? You might just want to once we are done.


Complete education evaluations starting as early as high school to ensure you get experience that supports  future career fulfillment.  
We work closely with high school and college students and those considering graduate school to find your motivation and guide you through educational options and applications. 
The choices you make as you move into adulthood or decide to return to higher education can be overwhelming. We spend quality time with you to set goals, evaluate degrees and submit applications to make the process as stress-free as possible. 
Once you approach graduation, we are here to continue your career journey with you. 


Working with Shatter & Shine was an absolute pleasure. I opted for The Confidante service - from career mentoring that helped me navigate multiple management styles and tough situations to helping me prepare, interview and secure a job change, they were a solid sounding board and their advice gave me the confidence and plan that set me on a path to success. Thanks Shatter & Shine and Heather – I couldn’t have done it without you!

NOELLE W. | 31
keep me updated on ways to MAKE MY RESUME AND LINKEDIN SHINE!

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